About Us

Patrick Mahoney

Patrick has been in the apparel business longer than he has been participating in endurance sports, but it may have been as soon as the drive home after his first race that he started of thinking of mixing them.

"Working on the music side of the apparel business has taught me how important engagement with an Artist's fans are, especially now that so much of the sales have shifted online." says Patrick. " A lot of these kids eat, sleep and breathe their favorite bands, and they really appreciate it when we take the time and get to know them.  Though in a different context, why is this any different with dedicated athletes?  Participation in multi-sport has been pretty all consuming for me, and in fact feels a lot like the old days when I was a complete music geek.  I know this translates to so many fellow athletes."

Patrick's first task will be to find ways to create meaningful dialogue with potential customers from the very beginning of the process.  "As a company we don't want to design products solely for the benefit of elite athletes or try to guess what people really want without getting any feedback.  To me, the first half of this mandate is the real challenge, because I've met plenty of age group athletes that might as well be elite.  Our customers, though common through their passion, will include athletes at all ability and fitness levels.  We are going to have to work really hard to take care of everyone."

Patrick is quick to point out that "Everyone" includes trail runners, cyclists, ultra-marathoners, and anyone else who has the endurance bug.  "I concentrate on triathlon now, but I will try them all some day."

Patrick lives in Huntington Beach, CA with his wife Mary, son Ian, and the family dogs Natasha and Joe.  Besides all things endurance, Patrick is a huge fan of Oregon Ducks football and sleeping in a bit later than the average triathlete.

Big Daddy Riley

Riley is the owner of Evil Brand Clothing, a clothing line geared towards the counter culture - tattoos, motorcycles and hell raisers.  Not able to find apparel that suited his diverse lifestyle, he created his own, with the line quickly establishing a fan base in it's own right. But the daily grind of owning a business eventually caught up with him.  Sitting at a convention in Cincinnati in the fall of 2009, he felt fat. "I wasn't in terrible shape, but I wasn't in great shape either.  I was turning 40 in six months and so I decided I'd be in the best shape of my life on my birthday."

Riley hired a trainer and developed a fitness plan. Then he discovered triathlon.  "I was up late one night and came across a race advertised online. I was immediately intrigued.  And since I was getting in shape, I figured I might as well up the ante with a specific goal and deadline."

Not one to just dabble, Riley immediately bought a bike and hit the road. Everyone knew he was training for a triathlon because that's all he talked about.  After that first race, he was hooked. Multi-sport was part of his lifestyle now,  and as is typical in the life of Riley, he started thinking.

"I've never had much of a line between business and pleasure, they're mostly the same to me. Since I have extensive experience in apparel,  both on the production and marketing side,  it seemed natural to combine this with my new passion. The people I've raced with and have had help from are all people like me. Essentially we are all age group athletes committed to getting across the finish line. It only made sense to create athletic apparel for triathletes and endurance sports enthusiasts in general.

To originally differentiate Evil Brand, Riley insisted on high quality garments with fashion forward designs. This same sensibility is now carried over to designing and creating a line of athletic apparel. "I'd never make something I wouldn't wear.  So that's our mission - Making great products for real people who want the best from themselves and the tools that enable them."

Riley lives in New Jersey with his wife Lori, who doubles as an event photographer, road crew and helps keep all the dirty kit clean. That's a lot of dirty gear - Its no small job.